Springfield Business Journal Profiles Miller Coach

Springfield Business Journal did a nice profile of Miller Coach. Here is an excerpt but be sure to read the whole thing. Link Below.

Al Miller has lived most of his life in the glow of flashing red lights.

With a career focus on emergency medical services, he’s been involved in everything from selling fire extinguishers and designing rescue equipment, to building and driving ambulances.

I got my first trip in one at about 9 or 10 years old, accompanying my grandfather to the hospital here in Springfield,” Miller says. “One-hundred miles an hour, lights flashing, siren screaming, stopping traffic – I was pretty much hooked right there.”

Driven by that seminal ride-along, Miller began his career at age 16 as a draftsman, creating designs for vehicles, stretchers, flashing lights and other EMS equipment for Ozark Fire Extinguisher Co. At the same time, he was working on his evening project.

“That was the first ambulance I built, back in 1974,” Miller says. “It was what you’d call a driveway startup.”

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