About Us

Miller Coach Company began manufacturing ambulances in 1974 with the mission to create the safest ambulance on the road. We’ve maintained vehicle production for over 40 years and continue to create ambulance units that are safer by design. Our main facility in Springfield, Missouri specializes in the manufacture of Type I, Type II, and Type III ambulance units. We utilize the Ford E- and F-Series, as well as the Dodge Ram chassis, offering multiple designs and layouts for each. In 2007, we added the Mercedes Benz Sprinter to our product line and featured a forward-facing seat concept as an alternative to traditional squad-bench designs. We further developed a crewmember workstation solution that offers more access and workspace from a seated position. 2015 brought the introduction of the Ford Transit, implementing the same safe design considerations. We are currently expanding these concepts as well as additional innovative improvements to Type I and Type III chassis.