The Squad Bench…

Miller Coach Company makes every effort to build a Type II Ambulance that is as safe as possible for the crew members that work in these units every day. In order to do that, Miller Coach has taken a strong stand against including squad benches as the “curbside seating position(s)” in our units. This style of seating has been proven to be unsafe at any speed.

Seating that forces occupants into a side-seated and unbelted position poses an extremely dangerous threat to the crew members of an ambulance regardless of that units size or configuration. Testing has proven that the safer position for a crew member is a forward-facing, belted postion. We will make every effort to provide the safest environment possible for crew/employees that work inside these units. That includes discouraging the use of squad benches of any kind.

We realize that crews constantly struggle with trading safety for the ability to perform the tasks required while caring for a patient. This shouldn’t be the case. Procedures can change. The way “it’s always been done” doesn’t automatically make it right.  The principles and employees at Miller Coach simply want to do the best they can in preventing the care-givers…from becoming care-receivers (victims).

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