Miller Coach 2012 Sprinters in Production

(Springfield, MO) Miller Coach Company is completing fabrication and assembly on the current model Sprinter that will release as the companies 2012 144″ Type II ambulance. This model brings further enhancements to the patient area as Miller Coach continues to put “Safety First” in thier design. In 2009 Miller introduced the first Safety Seat to take place of the traditional squad bench. This seat offers a safe, belted location for crew members and still allows to see to patient needs. As with any new innovation, Miller Coach has made some minor changes and enhancements along the way. This year the seat location has been modified. “Moving it further back allows better patient access from a seated position” says Al Miller, founder and current President of Miller Coach Company. “Crew members can perform most of thier normal functions from the safety of a seated and belted position”. He adds.

Some of the addtional enhancements made to the 2012 model year are:

Lonseal (T) Industrial Flooring

Environmental Control Enhancements