Sprinter Ambulance

Available in multiple configurations and options to meet your needs our units offer a larger interior space, overhead and rear facing floor to ceiling cabinets, wider walk space, impact safety attendant seats and a smaller road footprint.

The 144″ wheelbase Sprinter offers extra large storage in a rear facing, floor to ceiling cabinet. The traditional squad bench is shortened to 36″ with storage underneath. There is also an overhead cabinet above the bench. This design includes an extra wide walk space next to the cot of over 12″. Also included is the impact stable safety attendant seat with a 3-point harness.

The 170″ wheelbase Sprinter offers a larger unit with a smaller footprint on the road. With the available space of a Mod, and the fuel economy and performance of a Type II, the 170 is unparalleled in the market. Available in multiple configurations to meet your needs. The 170 provides 40″ of additional space beyond the traditional 144″ Type II providing more than 80 cubic feet of storage. That extra space can be also be built out for neonatal use, long distance transport, bariatric use, ALS, or an idea of your own

View or download our general information pamphlet for the 144 Sprinter here.

View or download our product pamphlet PDF for the mega storage unit by clicking here.

View or download our 3 seat 144 Sprinter information pamphlet here.

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  1. […] Miller Coach is currently the only manufacturer with an ambulance model based on the 170- inch-wheelbase Sprinter. This features the available space of a larger vehicle with the fuel economy and performance of a Type II. About 40 inches longer than the traditional Type II, this translates to more than 80 cubic feet of extra space, which can be built out for longdistance transport, neonatal and bariatric use or other specialized needs. Miller recently converted their business exclusively to Sprinter-based Type II ambulances, which have more useable space than many box-truck ambulances. Miller standardized front forward-facing seats in 2009; replacing the traditional squad bench, the forward-facing seat provides a safe, belted location for crew members that still allows them to handle most patient needs. http://millercoach.com/index.php/products/144-sprinters/ […]